Fast, efficient and paperless information distribution with Sportity app
Mobile app
Sportity app is a digital infoboard that keeps all event or club related information in one place and well structured. Any new information reaches all users instantly with push notification.

How Sportity app works?

Just upload a file from the computer and people using the app and logged in to your event will see immediately what you have uploaded
Quick information delivery with Push notifications.
Speed and efficiency of information distribution and to reduce use of paper
Documents are accessible even when you're offline.
Documents posted in the app can be shared directly from the app to email or messengers..
The app works in all languages and in all writing
Dark mode
Native support for dark mode to keep your eyes safe.
What is channel?

Each infoboard is called a Channel and users have access to it with a channel specific password. You can create several Channels for your event, one for teams, one for volunteers, one for media etc and post there only information that concerns them.

Admin web
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Easy to post and arrange
For posting documents, simply name it, upload it and if you wish to change location, drag and drop it where you want
Custom push notification
You can post also without push notification or write a custom text to appear on push notification
See the number of users
While posting documents you can see how many devices have signed up to your Channel
Why use Sportity app?
Benefits for organizers
Easy to use - just name a document and upload a file and everyone has it in an instance

No need to create long mailing lists for sending information to everyone involved

No need to post and deliver paper documents to all event locations

Simple and efficient way to deliver information about changes or urgent messages
Benefits for users
Easy to use - just download the app and enter a password and all event information is at hand

All information in one place and well structured

Documents are available also offline

No need to enter any personal data or create an account, just enter password and log in

Uses very low amount of data transfer
Sign up for Sportity app
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and we will send you login details so that you can try the app yourself.
Or choose your package
Number of channels
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Personal documents feature
It is also possible to send documents to specific teams or people with personal documents feature. See how it works:
Sportity app is free for users
Sportity app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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