Sportity digital accreditation with check in and check out,
attendance counter and report for contact tracing.
Sportity has created a simple accreditation system that works with smartphones and gives event organisers an overview of who entered and went and how many people are currently in the venue. Works in multiple entrances and zones.
No paper and no equipment needed!
Just use your smartphone!
How it works
Visitors have a QR code in their smartphone or printed out and organiser checks them in using Sportity Accreditation app.
Online Registration
Visitors get a link where they can register themselves
QR code on email
Organiser clicks „Accept" which sends a QR code to that person
Check in
Check in people and see how many people currently in the venue
See who came and went and when
Start using it for your event
Sportity Accreditation app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
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