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Accreditation software

Accreditation is not only a security check. A properly planned accreditation and access plan ensures smooth traffic, prevents overcrowding and secures the backstage area.

Accreditation is the first encounter with the Organising Committee for participants and creates a first impression of the event.

Information received at registration is needed to many other departments, like transportation, accommodation and catering. Our accreditation software helps all these departments and keeps the information flow between them fast and updated.

We help to make it as smooth and as fast as possible with our flexible and easy to use solution suitable for most sport events.

Sportity Accreditation

Manage your sport event easily using any computer with internet or tablet.
It's all in one, cloud-based and secure with lots of extra features.

All in one

Our accreditation software offers all-in-one solution for complete sporting event management.

Cloud based

You don’t need to install any software, all you need is a browser.

Extra features

Our solution has many extra features for accomodation, transportation, catering and easy reporting.


We take security seriously and use world class encryption ciphers.


Online registration

Web-based registration allows your participants to submit actual information as early as possible. Bulk registration via Excel is also supported.


Generating and printing bages/ID cards is a super easy process now. Capture person photo with your webcam or upload file, and it’s ready to be printed in milliseconds.

QR Codes

Our system supports QR code as a first class option for automated user identification on site. It allows track and monitor people activity of different kinds, use automated access control systems and many more.


We provide complete solution for planning accommodation, hotels planning and rooms distribution. This tedious task now is intuitive and easy as it has never been before.


Manage transportation questions with a breeze. Manage departure/arrivals, plan your bus shuttle service to make sure every group or person is met on time. Track progress and get notifications in real time.


For meals management we extensively use QR codes automated scanning, which drastically simplifies this process and enables precise tracking and getting detailed statistics.

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